Posted by: the4meterman | April 25, 2012

Shout out

I might or might not have mentioned how much I wanted this a week or two ago…

and I got surprised with it after a few rounds today.

and i know one of you don’t even have facebook or will ever gonna see this,

but from the bottom of my heart, thank you guys.  it means a lot to me.  you two crazy bastards.

Posted by: the4meterman | April 24, 2012

Hammer Time

Going thru my collections in honor of the Avenger’s movie that’s coming out in a week.  I don’t know how this happened but apparently I have all the Thor’s incarnations and then some…

Well, fine, I know what happened.  I brought them all… and yes I have a problem.

Posted by: the4meterman | April 13, 2012

Cosmic Stuff

I got some free time after work today, so I went into Toys R Us hoping that the Lego Avengers Quinjet will be available.

Oh the glorious quinjet…

Unfortunately (fortunately for my bank account), it was not out yet.  What was available on the other hand, is every other set available…  the SHIELD base, the SHIELD truck and the mini-jet… go figure (hehe).

I was a little disappointed to say the least, so I went around the store and see what other merchandises the movie is pushing out.  Nothing too exciting to note, they have Cap’s mask, Thor’s mask, the hammer, the arc reactor battery… the usual stuff.  But then I turn the corner and spotted something I just absolutely have to freaking get:

Yea, that’s a raccoon with an assault rifle

It’s the Guardians of the Galaxy, and to be quite honest, one of my all time favorite comic book series.  I am still kind of pissed that they got cancelled a few years back.  I mean, it’s about a rag-tag team of so called “heroes” whose base of operation is a severed head of a Celestial. And they teleport around the galaxy trying to prevent one after another universe ending events.  What you see in that picture is only four of the members.  Yea, count them, 4, that potted plant is called Groot and he’s from an ancient and ennobled sap-line and being the scion of an elite royal house.  He used to be a lot bigger, but you know, sacrifice and rebirth, comic stuff.  Then you got Rocket Raccoon and he’s basically all of awesomeness combined.  The remaining team members includes but not limited to a Russian psychic dog in a space suit, a space assassin and an artificial human created by some space scientist that uses Quantum Magic!!! The comic was an absolute blast to read.  I sincerely hope that they will release more of the characters so I can complete my team…

BUT, that’s probably never gonna happen since they are considered to be the cosmic side of the Marvel universe and they never get the respect they deserved.   Sigh.


Posted by: the4meterman | April 12, 2012

Wait for it…

it’s official, two weeks and counting…

Posted by: the4meterman | April 9, 2012

They don’t make ’em like they used to

Cartoons in the 90s rules.

And how is it possible that they haven’t release the collector edition dvds by now?

WB, I am leaving my money on the table.  Just sayin.

Posted by: the4meterman | April 8, 2012

Old Shows are the Best

I was clearly either 1) too young and/or 2) not even in this country at that time to appreciate Frasier.

But then after watching this 6 minutes clip, I am sure as hell gonna start watching the reruns on TVland or whatever channel my dear friend Megan watches all the time:

Quite frankly, it had me on Christopher Reeve saying he’s afraid of large open spaces.

Oh supe, god bless him.

Posted by: the4meterman | April 5, 2012

Can this be REAL!?

Been a prettttty crazy week… and it is only gonna get worst…

but then I came across this on the interweb…

Please don’t let this be some stupid fan made poster… coz that would just be effed up.

Posted by: the4meterman | March 30, 2012

Arrested Like a Boss

This guy, is a prime example of making the best out of a bad situation.  I mean, signing your hearts out on your way to the drunk tank? C’mon, this guy knows what’s up.

My question is, where is the video footage of the arresting officer laughing his ass off behind the wheels?

I mean, this has got to be one of the BEST arrests he has made, in like forever.

Oh and with that, Happy Friday.

And with April coming, you are probably not gonna see me around until the dust has settled… but who knows.

Posted by: the4meterman | March 27, 2012

Who Needs Weights

When you got two toddlers and a baby.

It’s a genius idea.  Great bonding experiences with the toddlers.  Teach them valuable lessons of “hanging on to your dear life” and more importantly “gravity”.

And as for the baby, all these up and down movement probably helps him burp or poop or whatever baby does after it eats.

Posted by: the4meterman | March 22, 2012

Thursday Double Post

Is it because of the 30 minutes time limit and that’s why they are endangered??

“wait, where did all the pandas go!”

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