Posted by: the4meterman | April 3, 2013

My take on Total Recall (the remake)

Got some free time since busy season is sort of over, and my next tax class is not starting for another month.  So I am gonna comment on movies on my Netflix queue as I watch them.   First up, the 2012 Total Recall remake with Collin Ferrell.  Honest to god, I loved the old one.  I have very vivid memory of that part where Arnold yanked a pool ball size tracking device outta his nose, the dude with the baby twin stuck on his chest and at the end where apparently the vacuum of space will pop your head like a balloon.  For a long period of my life, I always envision that’s what would happen if an astronaut takes off his helmet in spaceeeeee.  But anyway, this is not about that movie.  This is about the remake.  So let’s get on with it.  Oh and spoilers, duh:


The movie could use more Kate.  No really.

1) Dreaming about being a badass with Jessica Biel, then waking up to Kate Beckinsale on a daily basis.  I don’t know about you, but that seems like a pretty damn good life.  In fact, I would like that to be my Rekall.  Where do I sign up Harold.

2) Government had the money, resource and technology to build a high speed rail road, though the goddamn mother freaking earth, yet does not have a solution to clear up the air.  Really.

3) Cellphone built into your hand and get video too if press hand against glass.  Okay, I will buy that.   Need a secure line? put hand directly next to ear.  Really?

4) I think the creative team played too much Mass Effect, coz I swear all the action/gun fights scenes feel like those prolonged cut scenes from the game.

5) I have the imperial march playing in the back of my head when the robot cops, not to be confused with Robocop, are marching onto the trai… I mean, the Fall.

6) I would think having a multi-ton exploding fire ball speeding toward the center of the earth could be a problem.  But hey, what do I know, I am no scientist.

Having said all that, is it entertaining? yea sure.  But it’s by no mean a cinematic masterpiece.

What I am saying is, if you are looking for a decent action movie to go with that half bottle of wine, go for it.

Next on the list: The Campaign. Oh boy, that’s gonna be a tough one.


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