Posted by: the4meterman | September 26, 2012

Lucky Day

I don’t usually believe in Blind Box figures.  Well, actually, I think it’s absolute bullshit.

For those who is not into collecting toys, which is pretty much the whole lot of you, Blind Box is very common in Japan.  It’s pretty self-explanatory.  A company releases a series of action figure, and unlike the normal packaging where the figures are visible under clear bubble blister packs, all of them are sealed in a box.  Normally, there’s a probability listed on the side of the box telling you the odds of each figures. it’s like gambling, but for kids.  Kubrick is famous for that crap.  For example, Kubrick released a line of LOST figures a while back, and the odds of getting Desmond was 1 in 250 or some ridiculous bullshit.  And if you are curious, sometimes you can find it on eBay, with a list price upwards of $300.  On a side note, I do have the regular set…. still in plastic bags… but that’s a story of another time.

Anyway, the reason why I am bringing this up is that, Bruce Lee Enterprises just released series 1 of their Temple of Kung Fu blind box like last week.  And I really really want Kato.  So after work today, I went to Frys because I needed a sleeve for my laptop, and lord and behold, they have them on sale.  Against my better judgement (I’ve been clean from buying toys for months now…), I picked up a box and tried my luck. 

I opened it in my car while I was stuck in traffic and OH MY GOD IT MUST BE MY LUCKY DAY:ImageI might or might not have over reacted in the car… but man, it was awesome.  The odds of getting him, in case you can’t read the fine print, is 1 in 35.  I would actually go for Chen Zhen as well. This just totally made my day. 


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