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My take on Total Recall (the remake)

Got some free time since busy season is sort of over, and my next tax class is not starting for another month.  So I am gonna comment on movies on my Netflix queue as I watch them.   First up, the 2012 Total Recall remake with Collin Ferrell.  Honest to god, I loved the old one.  I have very vivid memory of that part where Arnold yanked a pool ball size tracking device outta his nose, the dude with the baby twin stuck on his chest and at the end where apparently the vacuum of space will pop your head like a balloon.  For a long period of my life, I always envision that’s what would happen if an astronaut takes off his helmet in spaceeeeee.  But anyway, this is not about that movie.  This is about the remake.  So let’s get on with it.  Oh and spoilers, duh:


The movie could use more Kate.  No really.

1) Dreaming about being a badass with Jessica Biel, then waking up to Kate Beckinsale on a daily basis.  I don’t know about you, but that seems like a pretty damn good life.  In fact, I would like that to be my Rekall.  Where do I sign up Harold.

2) Government had the money, resource and technology to build a high speed rail road, though the goddamn mother freaking earth, yet does not have a solution to clear up the air.  Really.

3) Cellphone built into your hand and get video too if press hand against glass.  Okay, I will buy that.   Need a secure line? put hand directly next to ear.  Really?

4) I think the creative team played too much Mass Effect, coz I swear all the action/gun fights scenes feel like those prolonged cut scenes from the game.

5) I have the imperial march playing in the back of my head when the robot cops, not to be confused with Robocop, are marching onto the trai… I mean, the Fall.

6) I would think having a multi-ton exploding fire ball speeding toward the center of the earth could be a problem.  But hey, what do I know, I am no scientist.

Having said all that, is it entertaining? yea sure.  But it’s by no mean a cinematic masterpiece.

What I am saying is, if you are looking for a decent action movie to go with that half bottle of wine, go for it.

Next on the list: The Campaign. Oh boy, that’s gonna be a tough one.

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Annnnnnd I am back on the wagon.

The last comic book I purchase was finale of the Return of Bruce Wayne, sometimes in November 2010.  I made the decision the quit cold turkey because of many reasons.  It was getting expensive, the series that I was following were cancelled, if not were in the process of getting cancelled and the imminent reboot debacle of the DC universe (still angry about that by the way).  I was clean for two plus years, and by that I mean I barely even stepped inside a comic book store during that period.  I was kinda proud of myself.  Being all grown up and stuff.

But then fast forward to late 2012, when they announced that they are going to make a movie about Guardians of the Galaxy, hands down one of my all time favorite team of superheros, I know there’s gonna be trouble.  With the movie coming down the pipeline, OF COURSE the next sensible thing the executives at Marvel are going to do is to reboot the comic book series, which was cancelled back in early 2010.

They did, and I relapsed almost immediately.


So when Wednesday rolled around, I drove my ass to my local comic book store and picked up a copy of this bad boy and see if this relaunch is worth the relapse.  I have to say, it was an overall great great start of a series.  Nothing ground breaking happened, just a set up and introduction to see the return of most of the members.

But with that said, there are some issues that I would like to point out, so spoilers ahead, duh.

1) I might have missed something while I was away from the comic book world, but I was turn off by the lack of explanations as to how the freak Star-lord is alive and well.  Having his father saying “i get updates on you… something about something in the cancerverse… and dragged yourself back from the dead” is kinda a slap in the face.  Or maybe they are saving that for a later arc. Hopefully.

2) Not liking how he father just shows up and trying to convince us that he existed all this time.

3) Why the freak is Tony Stark doing here.  I know you are just putting him in for marketing purposes.  Don’t lie.

4) What is up with his armor.  Looks hideous.

5) Everyone, including Gamora, whom used to goes into battle with a bikini/robe, is wearing Mass-Effect-esque armors.  Yet. Drax is still shirtless.

So that’s it.  I can’t wait til the next issue and see how this story is going to move forward.  I will keep you posted.



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Lucky Day

I don’t usually believe in Blind Box figures.  Well, actually, I think it’s absolute bullshit.

For those who is not into collecting toys, which is pretty much the whole lot of you, Blind Box is very common in Japan.  It’s pretty self-explanatory.  A company releases a series of action figure, and unlike the normal packaging where the figures are visible under clear bubble blister packs, all of them are sealed in a box.  Normally, there’s a probability listed on the side of the box telling you the odds of each figures. it’s like gambling, but for kids.  Kubrick is famous for that crap.  For example, Kubrick released a line of LOST figures a while back, and the odds of getting Desmond was 1 in 250 or some ridiculous bullshit.  And if you are curious, sometimes you can find it on eBay, with a list price upwards of $300.  On a side note, I do have the regular set…. still in plastic bags… but that’s a story of another time.

Anyway, the reason why I am bringing this up is that, Bruce Lee Enterprises just released series 1 of their Temple of Kung Fu blind box like last week.  And I really really want Kato.  So after work today, I went to Frys because I needed a sleeve for my laptop, and lord and behold, they have them on sale.  Against my better judgement (I’ve been clean from buying toys for months now…), I picked up a box and tried my luck. 

I opened it in my car while I was stuck in traffic and OH MY GOD IT MUST BE MY LUCKY DAY:ImageI might or might not have over reacted in the car… but man, it was awesome.  The odds of getting him, in case you can’t read the fine print, is 1 in 35.  I would actually go for Chen Zhen as well. This just totally made my day. 

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Been Gone for a While

To make up for my absences,
Here’s the best 1 minute and 7 seconds rendition of “kiss from a rose”. EVER.

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Character Origin

of Steve “Stifmeister” Stifler.

Resemblance? you be the judge.

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Can I be this Kid?

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Resistance is Futile

Call me maybe.

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This is not even a fight

Batman would kick Vader’s ass everyday of the week.

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Hot Wheels


That’s why some people should not have nice things.

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Real Quiet Around Here

Got a new gig a couple weeks ago, so it’s been a little overwhelming.   I was gonna write a review of the Lego QuintJet set, but I got lazy.  Maybe I will still do it down the line, I mean, that set is hands down one of the best Lego sets I’ve ever put together.  Anyway, to make up for the lack of material, here’s Arnold shaking hand with the Predator.

Yea, that happened.

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